Tweenie’s Greenies

Week 1: Household Cleaners

Hey…Here’s a thought for ya!

Why do we buy a zillion billion cleaners for every single little thing??  I had a cleaner for the tub, for my tile around my tub, for my toilet, for my sink, for my wood floors, for my kitchen sink, for my windows, for my furniture, even a spray for my kitchen table and a spray for the air in my home. 

Why did I spend so much money when a good all-purpose cleaner would have done the trick for practically everything?  I never thought about it.  The marketing these companies do to us through t.v., internet, and paper ads is ridiculous.  They got me so wrapped up in these new fandangled cleaners that would make my life so simple.  I went out and bought one of everything.  Next thing I know, I am standing under a chemical cloud wondering what the heck went wrong.

Additionally, on a green note…think about what you are doing when you only buy one cleaner instead of 52 (like me).  You will not be purchasing as much plastic, chemicals, or other trash that will have to be sent to the landfill or the environment. If everybody did this, we would be cutting back on plastic production, water (used in manufacturing), energy (used to create a zillion different products), and also on our budgets.  Imagine if we only bought 1 or 2 cleaners versus 5-10 different ones?  Plus, if you purchase a green, non-toxic, biodegradeable cleaner, we could really make a difference!

Reduce!  Reduce!  Reduce! I say!