for-sale.jpgSome of you may be wondering where the heck I have been.  Almost 3 days of no blogging.  I almost feel guilty.  I would like to say that I have been somewhere glamorous or sexy, but I have just been at home following our new obsession.  Tomas and I have been discussing moving on and off for a while.  All of a sudden we start to talk seriously about it.  Yikes, scary but exciting at the same time.  Granted we are not going to move very far (just to a different school district) but the decisions are endless.  Needless to say, we have been driving around looking at neighborhoods, obsessing over listings on the net, trying to decrease our clutter, and being generally impulsive about this.  Our realtor is coming Tuesday morning to evaluate our house and give us a price.  That’s when we will really decide what to do in this poor housing market. Oooh yes, we even went to open houses today.  That’s our style…all or nothing.

All this talk threw me for a whirl and the good old IBS acted up.  I should know by now that stress and stress eating (i.e. junk food) always make my intestines spazzy.  When will I learn!!  So it’s Sunday night, I’m out of the bathroom, I have checked the online listing of our favorite future house for the 50th time, and I am ready to blog again. 

Try to keep up!  I have a lot of greening news to send out!!