pacifier.jpgWe did it!  We finally did it!  Zack is now pacifier free!  I never thought that it would be so easy.  He has had it since birth and LOVED his “paci” as if it was his lost twin from birth.  We started the whole process, let’s see, hmmm….maybe a year ago.  I felt like I was removing an organ from him when we restricted it to just bedtimes.  He would beg and beg and beg for us to show some mercy.  He would say, “I’m tired, I need to go to bed.”  Then he would sneak upstairs for a paci fix, come down only 2 minutes later, and say he had a good rest.  When we told him he couldn’t do that, he threw himself on the floor in a fit of passion.  This love affair with the paci ran deep.

So, you can imagine the anguish we were having over taking it away at bedtimes.  We thought he would go crazy and never get to sleep.  I couldn’t stand this thought as my sleep is interrupted enough by a 4 month old baby who has a bad nipple addiction.  Well, Tomas had a great idea 2 nights ago.  He couldn’t find Zack’s paci when he was putting him to bed.  He looked and looked with Zack for the thing.  It turns out Tomas found it and pocketed it without being seen.  We told Zack that his paci was lost and that we were very sorry but he just would have to sleep without it.  Guess what he did….NOTHING!!!!!  He went to sleep.  He only got up once in the night, asked for it, we gave him the same line, and he went back to sleep.

That was it!  When he got up this morning he asked if I had found it yet.  We “looked” around again and of course, couldn’t find it.  He must have accepted this because he hasn’t asked for it all afternoon.  I have been giving him some extra snuggles and support to make up for not having his comforting paci, but he probably hasn’t even needed that necessarily. 

No crying, no fussing, no dramatic displays, just “okay, I’ll look for it later” and that was it!!  Whew, one down and two more to go!  : )  Hopefully the other kids turn out to be so easy.