Tweenie’s Greenies

Week 1: Household Cleaners

I just did a quick sweep of only my kitchen, laundry shelf, and one bathroom for cleaning products.  I thought I might as well see what I have to deal with.  I am overwhelmed and a little embarrassed at what I found.  Take a look, remember this is only 3 rooms in my house.  I know that there are more cleaning products lurking.

Shock and awe

How does it look?  Guess how many of these beautiful containers I found in 3 rooms?? 52 containers!!!  I know that you are now shocked and awed by my apparent lack of concern for the environment and my families health.  There are probably enough toxic chemicals here to kill a small country.  Hoping to make myself feel better, I sorted out the items I could consider as “Green”.  Here’s what I got:


That’s right 2 lonely bottles of green cleaner.  How sad is that?  So, next time when you feel like one person won’t affect the environment, think of me.  The person who has enough chemicals to ruin Lake Michigan and fill one landfill in one swift dumping movement.  I know I am not the only one or the worst out there, so please look through your house and act appropriately.  Just think what would happen if everyone rid their house of half of this mess. 

On a side note:  You would think my house would be cleaner than it actually is with all these cleaners.  What have I been doing all these years?  Perhaps, I have a hoarding problem or something.  Yeah, maybe that’s it.  I haven’t really been living as an ignorant fool, I have a serious problem.  Yeah, that sounds good…talk to you later, I have to call a professional who can help talk me out of this household cleaner hoarding thing.