Tweenie’s Greenies

Week 1: Household Cleaners

Before you read this post, refer to my post on Shock and Awe.  You can see what I am up against with my household cleaners.  If they could take on personalities and form a union of some kind, they could take over my house.  So, here’s my options in dealing with this toxic waste pile.


  1. Give them away for use.  This would be fine except I don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands and be mistreated.  They have to go to a good home that will use them until they are gone and then recycle their bottles.  Is there a “no-kill shelter” in my area for cleaning products?

  2. Hang on to them until a Hazardous Waste Collection day comes around in our area and bring them there or find a H.W.C. site to bring them to.  A good choice for really strong cleaning products that nobody really should use around their house or children. 

  3. Use them until they are gone.  I will do this with many of the cleaning products because they are still useful.  This way, I know that I got my monies worth and I can properly recycle the useable plastic bottles.  Then, I will replace those products with green cleaners.

  4. Pour any remaining cleaning product down the drain.  I have several squirt bottles of cleaners that only have a little left at the bottom.  I will probably rinse these out with water and then reuse the squirters for other purposes.  If you do this, be sure to read the labels.  Most waste water treatment plants are equipped to deal with a little bit of cleaner, however, some very strong cleaners should not be sent treatment plants.  Oh, my environmentally sexy husband says, “Please, do not pour these on the ground to get rid of them.  They will end up in our water supply, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.  So, that’s not cool either.”

I now have some sorting to do with these cleaners.  Wish me luck and that they don’t form a mutiny of some kind!