“What the heck kind of subject is that?” You may be asking yourself or others that very question at this very moment in time. 

Well, it’s the name of my new weekly topic (in addition to my random mom blabber).  As I have stated before, I am a mom on a mission.  I am going green in my home.  I thought it would be fun to walk through this process with my friends, families, and other amused readers.  So, every week I will post little messages, inspirational factoids, and handy how-tos that I have researched to figure out how to truly go green in my home.

Doesn’t this sound like a trendy little jaunt down Environmental Lane?  Hang in there with me.  My intention is not to preach about how horrible we all are.  I don’t have time for that as a mom.  I just want to know how to create a more healthy life for my family and others.   Baby steps, that’s the method I am using.  I won’t leave you hanging around wondering what to do.  I will do quick things that any mom can handle.  One week: Household cleaning, the next week trash and so on and so forth.  I decided that if I make my quest somewhat public, I will be more apt to continue the process instead of giving up or doing it really half-assed.

My other MAJOR motive is to save money.  I stay at home with the kids right now (I love it but it’s been an adjustment).  I used to work fulltime and even though we only have one income, we tend to want the lifestyle of two.  I have noticed that efforts to “green” your home can also simplify your life and your shopping list.  So we will be smart, trendy, and rich by the end of this process.  We will also have managed to have single-handedly save the earth!!  Ha, Ha, Ha!  (imagine superhero laugh here) 

So please Join Me!!  You may want to follow along just for a laugh as I try to do this with all of my 3 minutes of spare time.

Oh, as for the name.  My Dad’s nickname for me = Tweenie   My idealistic attempt to green my home = greenie.  “Tweenie’s Greenies”  (It’s also the name of my organic retail greenhouse if I ever get around to that).