Tweenie’s Greenies:  Week 1

Household Cleaners

I know that I have already started talking about this topic in recent posts.  That’s why I decided to begin with this ever important topic for the home.  I am a mom, I don’t have a lot of time, and I really do like a clean home.  I would also like a safe home for my family.  This includes not having toxic substances stashed in my cupboards.  Plus, I think that this will be a fairly easy switch for me.  I would hate to start with something really hard and then have to quit the first day.  I am still working on patience and immediate gratification issues in my life.

I also have very few personal ties to cleaners.  Except, I am a sucker for the smell of Tide and Lever Bar Soap.  I wonder if those can be considered green because they make my world better?  That reasoning is probably flawed. 

Anyway, why should we worry about cleaners??  Here are some reasons why we should all worry, just a little. 

Many household cleaners contribute or are suspected contributors to:

  • Air Pollution

  • Water Pollution

  • Cause Cancer

  • Have Harmful Effects on Reproductive Organs

  • Deplete the Ozone

  • Increase/cause allergic reactions and/or asthma

So what’s the first step to “greening up the cleaning”?  Take an assessment of what you are dealing with.  As you go through the day, notice all the chemicals around your home.  This includes kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, fresheners, and any disinfectants.  I am scared of what I will find.  I tend to like to switch cleaners and hang on to half used bottles.  But here I go…..there’s no stopping me now!