Go to fullsize imageSomehow, I didn’t really feel like to today was a stress release Saturday.  We woke up, got everyone ready to drive for one hour to my husband’s work picnic.  The picnic was fun with lots of good eats.  It was at a large park out in the boonies by a small lake.  The weather was perfect (if you were in the shade) and I got to catch up with all his co-workers and their spouses.  Everything was great, until the two boys disappeared. 

We knew they couldn’t have gone too far because we had been watching them.  Seriously, we were watching them.  I swear I don’t let me children wild.  It just sounds that way.  They simply rounded a patch of trees while chasing butterflies and disappeared.  Frantically, we ran over to the wooded area.  We screamed and yelled but with no result.  Then my hubby, Tomas, dove into the woods.  There were the boys still chasing their butterflies.  Oblivious to our fearful shouts and frantic searching, they sat in a circle of trees watching one of their favorite creatures with mouths open wide.

Although moments like these scare me half to death (maybe even 3/4 to death), I know that they weren’t trying to do wrong.  I don’t want to squash their wandering spirits or have them miss out on wondrous adventures because of my parental fears.  I struggle at times to balance their fierce independence with a bit of safe caution.   I constantly pray for balance, for patience, for safety, and for child leashes to be acceptable once again.