Do you ever have days where you wonder how you ever got out of the house?  The kids are screaming, the dogs won’t come in the house and you can’t find your keys even though they have a two foot long key chain just to avoid losing them?  Well, today I had one of those moments.  Not that it’s the first or last time it has ever happened.

I finally got out of the house with all 3 kiddos to go to the grocery store and get some milk for the little ones.  It’s been 2 days without any milk at our house.  I decided that I just had to lug all 3 to the store for this simple task.  Sometimes just a quick trip to the store with 3 kids, can be SO much worse than a longer more involved journey.  Probably, because it’s labelled a “quick trip” and I swear they are never quick.

So I had a brilliant idea to leave at about 5pm.  Not sure why I chose that time during “the witching hour” but that’s in the past.  I load them all up into the minivan.  Anson has to take 2 dinosaurs with him, then Zack starts screaming he needs a dinosaur from the backseat.  So I run back in to get the beloved T-Rex. (My kids are dinosaur fanatics at the moment and T-Rex is their hero.  He eats the meat you know.)  Okay, dinosaurs, kids, keys, cash….got it!  We are good to go!

I arrive at the store 4 minutes later.  There are no carts with the pretend cars for kids attached.  Not a good sign.  Did you know that the dinosaurs like to only ride in the car carts?  That’s what I was told.  “Zack, most dinosaurs are extinct, buddy.  These dinos are lucky to even get to the store.”  I convince them all that the regular cart will do. 

Anson still has his 2 dinos and is sitting in the cart.  He begins to whine.  Then to scream.  He is upset because he can’t open a box of crackers and I won’t do it for him.  He is upset that Zack is touching the cart.  He is upset because daylight savings time came early this year.  You name it, he’s upset.  People are watching.  Some are chuckling.  I want to strangle those people.

So I see someone I know.  I go up to say “hello”.  We talk about ham.  Should you get shaved or regular sliced?  During this enlightening discussion, I knock over a display of rakes.  Who put those stupid rakes there?  My friend says VERY loudly, “Nice, very nice.”  People are looking, watching, and seem to be amused by a woman with 3 whining kids taking the time to wrestle with rakes.  My friend looks at the kids, “Good luck with that!”, she says and moves on in a graceful single woman manner.  I am so jealous, she is just carrying a basket.

I soldier onward.  I check out without any more major catastrophies.  I begin to think that maybe I can pull this crazy bunch of nuts together.  Then I get home and realize that maybe part of the reason people were watching, laughing and amused at the sight of a woman with 3 whining children was that my nursing bra was totally undone.  Meaning, the front flaps were down leaving lumpy mounds below my breasts.  Nipples out.    Who let this woman out of the house??

Sadly, since the day Gret was born 4 months ago, this is the 3rd time I have gone out like that.  Of course, it’s always to the same store.  I am probably getting a nice reputation.