I was just reading a post on The Good Human about spring cleaning.  I agree with the thought that there is such thing as using too many antibacterial cleaners.  When I taught high school, I was exposed to so many germs.  After a year of that, I had the immune system of a bionic woman.  Now that I am more isolated in my germ contact, I tend to get colds/flu whenever they come around.  That is also why I choose to let my kids eat dirt.  It makes them strong!

Anyway, here is their list of great alternatives to using antibacterial cleaners:

– You can add 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil to a gallon of water to wash windows, floors and toilets to scrub away the germs.
– To chase away bugs, but a drop of tea tree oil near where they are coming in and you can bet they won’t be coming in that way anymore.
– Lavender oil or tea tree oil can be applied directly to cuts and scrapes where it will cool the pain and help fight infection.
– Mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with some water in a spray bottle can clean mold in the bathroom, disinfect the floor after the dog has an accident, or can clean up
after your child has been sick. (or you, after a night like the ones in college)

Link here for the rest of the post.

On a side note:  I LOVE tea tree oil!  I use it on about every skin problem you can think of.