Okay, my eyelids were drooping.  It’s getting late and then I read The Diaper Diaries scoop on a contest at 5 minutes for mom.  Thanks Diaper Diaries!  You find these contests fast.  What a great friend to have!

Anyway, my eyelids snapped open at this one.  5 Minutes for Mom has 10 NeatReceipts Scanalizers that you can win!  What is that you say??  Well, that’s what I said too!  Here’s what it is:

It was first designed for business purposes, but they have expanded it to include many personal applications as well. The unique thing about this portable personal scanner is the software which stores, sorts and analyzes the data that you provide as you scan in your items. You can scan your child’s artwork and date it by month or year and store it forever! You can scan recipes or articles from magazines and then sort them and search for them by title or categories that you have assigned. NeatReceipts website

If I win …okay, that’s not positive thinking.  When I win one of these little gems (that’s better), I will finally be able to organize my stack of recipe cards and magazine articles.  I am so excited!

Just hop on over and sign up!