Zack is our little helper.  He loves to help out around the house, or at least give the impression that he is helping around the house.  At least a dozen times a day, he will say “Mom, I helped!”.  Sometimes what he’s doing is really helpful.  Like putting the clean silverware back in the drawer.  Other times, well, it’s the kind of help you could really do without.  Such as putting his dirty laundry back into his dresser.

The past little bit I was thinking of ways that my children can help conserve resources and ultimately save some money.  As I tried to think of things that my kids could do independently (it took a long time to think of anything due to the fact they are ages 2 and 3 1/2), I had an amazing realization!  They already do several things that “help” to save around the house.  Here’s the short list:

1.  They keep me from taking a long shower.  I am lucky to be able to take a shower longer than 3 minutes.  It seems the sound of water inspires them to follow me into the bathroom, fling the shower curtain open and ask me multiple questions while I try to get clean.  Another technique they use to help me conserve water is they start fighting, chasing the dog or throwing things down the stairs while I am in the shower. 

2.  They like to play hide and seek in the dark.  I would think that most kids their age like to play hide and seek in daylight.  However, my boys love to play hide and seek in the pitch dark.  So they will turn off all the lights at night and go hide.  I guess it adds another level of excitement to their game.  I question this as a savings of electricity/energy though, because I usually end up having to use several hundred band aids or gas for trips to the drugstore/doctor. 

3.  Anson does not let others waster food.  He has been known to crawl under other kids chairs at events and eat their scraps/leftovers.   A little embarrassing but I never have to use the “there are kids starving in Africa” line with him. 

4.  They help me save gas.  Many days I try to leave the house but never make it out the door.  I end up just scrapping the whole plan because they are just too crazy to take out in public.  So any travel that involves extended drives or times out tend to be avoided. 

5.  They have actually lessened my laundry duties lately because they would prefer to run around in the nude.  I don’t know how this aversion to clothing started all of a sudden but their clothes don’t get as dirty or stained because they don’t wear them half the time.  This has saved in my time, the amount of water we use, and electricity.  I have even thought of expanding on this and have them wash in the sprinklers when we have those on.  They are outside running around naked anyway, right?