Go to fullsize imageThis morning Zack was sitting on the potty examining his privates. What do you expect from a male??  I went in to ask him if he was ready to come out of the bathroom and he looked at me curiously.  He said to me, “Mom, will you be happy when you get little and have a penis like me?”

I thought I had been through this conversation a million times in the past, especially since Gret came along.  Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina. 

I responded to Zack, “Zack, Mom’s a girl.  Girl’s have a vagina.”  He was angered by this. I obviously wasn’t understanding.  “No, no, NO! Mom! When you are little you have a penis and when you get growed up you get a vagina.  You can’t wait to get little to have a penis too, probably.” (He ends a lot of sentences with probably.  He likes the way it sounds like big person talk.)  I sensed there was no arguing with him at this point.  I left him in the bathroom thinking that he had imparted knowledge to his mother.   A very big deal for a 3 1/2 year old.

Then, I started thinking… Maybe he’s on to something.  Could it be that those who have a penis, are really childlike and those that have a vagina are “growed-up”?  EUREKA!  I think my child is brilliant!