Go to fullsize imageFor those of you into organic items, you may be interested to know that many organic enthusiasts were shocked to find that the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) has given interim approval with an additional 60 days for public comment on allowing 38 non-organic ingredients to be used in organic foods. 

The question being…Is it organic if nonorganic ingredients are used at all?  Should this be allowed?  What does the organic label mean to you?  You can imagine that many people’s panties are in a bunch about this proposed addition.  Before you decide, consider these facts:

  • These unorganic ingredients may only comprise 5% of the total ingredients.
  • The ingredients must come from a USDA approved list.
  • The nonorganic ingredients can only be used if no other organic option is available.

After reviewing some articles, I can understand the arguments on both sides.  Some supporters of the proposal are arguing that by making it easier to produce Organic Products, organic farmers and farming methods will receive more support by consumers and corporations.  Give a little.  Take a lot.  Another argument:  It’s only 5% of the ingredients right???  The other 95% is still organic and that’s better than nothing.  (It sounds like when I rationalize that I can eat lots of cookies for breakfast because they have oatmeal in them.)

Those who wish to put an end to this proposed ammendment tend to feel that organic food should be that…organic. Not some mix of organic and nonorganic.  What will the organic label really mean if you can use nonorganic ingredients in it?  It could also spin out of control and be abused by big name companies.  See the following example:

“The USDA’s proposal will mean that Anheuser Bush will be allowed to sell its Organic Wild Hops Beer without using any organic hops at all. USDA Organic-certified sausages, brats, and breakfast links will be allowed contain intestines from factory-farmed animals raised on chemically grown feed, synthetic hormones, slaughterhouse waste, and antibiotics. Fish oil with the USDA seal of approval may also contain toxins such as PCBs and mercury for that extra flavor.”  http://treehugger.com

Personally, I would like for foods with the organic label to be ORGANIC!  100% if possible.  That’s why I choose them.  If I didn’t mind a little chemical or hormone in my food, I wouldn’t be concerned with buying the organic label.  Ever hear of SLIPPERY SLOPE??  Next thing you know, they will allow nondairy foods to be 5% milk.  It’s just 5%, right?? I would like to know what those milk allergists who don’t leave home without their epi-pens think about that idea.