The Carnival topic over at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas is My Neighbors are….

I could not resist answering this starter.

My neighbors are either dead or rednecks.

We live on a corner lot.  The rear of our backyard butts up to a house that hardly makes any noise or has any activity.  Of course, they may be out and about more than we think.  We probably just don’t see them over our tall fence.  However, we never see them, hear them, talk to them or even know what they look like.  We have lived in our house for 6 years now and no meetings/sightings have ever taken place between those neighbors and us.  They have a great lawn service.  That’s about all we know about them.  I think they are the best neighbors I have ever had!!

On the side of our house, sits the redneck neighbors.  This house has been foreclosed on twice since we moved into our house.  I don’t know what it is about that house, it must be a money pit or something.  It’s not like we live in a bad area, it’s just this one house.  The last foreclosure resulted in the house being bought by a young twenty-something guy.  His 3 friends moved in.  They partied endlessly the first few weeks.  Did I mention this house has an inground pool?  No, I haven’t gotten to that yet.  The rednecks emptied the pool (it’s still summer here folks!) and used it to skateboard in.  ALL NIGHT LONG!  Imagine skateboarding, screaming, loud music, and smashing bottles at 3am.  It woke up my kids.  I called the cops.  5 times in two weeks.

Then, the girls moved in.  I thought the guys were loud but the girlfriends brought it to a new level.  Not only were they still skateboarding, blaring music and yelling, they were now also having drunken cat fights on the lawn.  One time I heard some girl yell, “Hey, I’m not wearing any panties!”  My husband had to peek out from behind the blinds at that!  Great role models for all the kids in this family neighborhood.

All the roommates brought multiple cars.  Most days there are about 10 cars parked in the driveway, on the lawn and in front of our houses.  This doesn’t count the weekends when additional friends come over.  The city, police, and other neighbors have all talked to them but the events continue.  I am praying the house goes into foreclosure again so that these guys can move and take their spare hot tub and pool slide off the side lawn so that it can be mowed again.