Go to fullsize imageNow don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about Darwinian Evolution here.  I am talking about my own evolution as a mother and woman.

Before I had my first, I had all kinds of ideas about kids and how I would raise my own (and of course, how other’s should raise theirs).  I would say things like, “My children will have to adjust to my schedule/lifestyle .  I am not giving up anything after I have kids.  If you do it right, they will be fine going out to eat, going on trips, or whatever other big plans I have at the time.”  Funny thing, as I wrote that I heard a big buzzer and a booming voice saying “WRONG” in my head.  Before I had children, I also thought that I wouldn’t need to do time outs or any other forms of discipline.  We would just “talk” everything through and come to deep understandings together.  Now I hear my mother’s laughter in my head.

You can imagine that after actually having 3 kids, my thoughts and mindset have evolved.  I am just a little bit different after having 3 life sucking parasites so close together.  In fact, the birth of each child has brought out different strengths, weaknesses, and opinions in myself.  I can track my evolution from a naive twentysomething to a stronger (though exhausted) thirtysomething.   

My first child brought me the reality part.  My second child has brought me patience and perseverence.  My third (and last) child has brought me the ability to appreciate life and the lack of control we all have in it.  There are so many other ways I have evolved as a mother/woman in three short and fleeting years. 

I always wonder how other mothers say they have evolved/changed since the birth of their child/children.  If you are an “evolving mommy” please add a comment to share how your children have changed you.