Go to fullsize imageOne of the many things that I am into, is my bookclub that meets every 6 weeks.  I am not sure where I find the time to read, but I always try to sneak it in my day.  I love to read.  It’s a kind of escape for me to sit in a big comfy chair and read about other people’s lives and adventures.  It takes my mind off of the daily monotony that can come with being a mom.  I also think that if my kids see me reading my own books at times, that they will develop good reading habits in life. Have I mentioned before that I was a teacher for a couple years before being a mommy?  (I have had many other jobs besides this.  Most have lasted about 2 years each due to my changing interests.  Talk about an interesting resume!)  As high school Biology/Physiology teacher you realize how important developing reading skills early in life is for kids.  Zack and Anson already love to read books together and to look at them on their own.  (Yeah!  At least I can count that on my positive parenting list!)

My bookclub that I lead is made up of about 9 ladies.  Most of them have children, a couple do not and it doesn’t matter.  We are all chatterboxes with different personalities and opinions.  It’s a great outlet to use your analytical brain.  I highly recommend joining a book club whereever you live.

If you feel that life is just too hectic to go to bookclub meetings or read on a specific timeline.  Don’t worry!  Believe me, you are not alone.  Sometimes you may have to literally drag your fellow bookclubbers along with you because they didn’t have time or just thought the book was a dud.  All of which are okay.  I am going to post what my bookclub is reading and my review of it as I read on this here lovely blog.  Wow readers, you are really getting a hodge podge of info from me.  But too bad, it’s my blog and that’s the way I am.  (My sister used to call me Muttly because I was/am such a mixed bag of tricks.)  Just check over in the book club section for the current book.  I will post our past list soon.  We have been meeting for over a year now, so I have to finishing compiling. 

Read on, my fellow readers, Read on!!