I am starting a section on this blog called “Are You Serious?!!”  This will be a little area where I can post items/things that shock and awe me.  Possibly even confuse me.

This item that a friend of mine found (see her great mommy blog), is WAY over the top.  Now I am trying to switch things in my house to being “green” and great for the environment and my family.  BUT I am not willing to go this far.  I will keep my Tampax and Always even if they are not reusable item, thank you.

Who uses these things??  Has anyone ever seen this before (at least in the last century?)

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“Welcome to Lunapads. We are the manufacturer of Lunapads washable menstrual pads and Lunapanties padded panties. We also sell the DivaCup menstrual cup, Sea Pearls natural sea sponge tampons, and many other environmentally responsible products for women’s wellness. Enjoy your visit”