A great blog, MamaBlogga, has started a Group Writing Project.  I love the theme “Three things I want my kids to…” so much that I decided to give it a little spin.

There are, of course, more than three things that I want my kids to do, know, or try in this great big world they have yet to fully discover.  However, everytime I think of what I wish my children to carry through life, it can be summed up into one theme.  That will be my first thing:

Wonder:  I have a ridiculous tendency to travel on several different paths all at once.  I question, think and wonder about almost everything.  Of course, this is also why I take paxil.  (sometimes as a mother of 3 crazy nuts, my wonder turns into worry.  i.e.  I wonder what my kids are doing.  It’s too quiet.)  I would like my children to always realize wonder in the world around them.  The world offers so much beauty, mystery, and inspiration.  I hope they never lose their wonder about the world around them.  Life is amazing and to not appreciate that would be a sad predicament.  Of course, Zack and Anson could stop asking “Why?” or “How come?” just once in a while.  I would be fine if there was more internal wondering at this point. 🙂  My beautiful children, never stop wondering.  Never stop learning.

The second thing:

I want my kids to be compassionate and sensitive.  I grew up as a very sensitive child.  It was often difficult for me to balance my overly emotional and empathetic reactions to situations.  It didn’t matter whether it was something negative happening to myself or to others.  I was told by my parents that I was never going to make it in life being so sensitive.  Although I realize now that all emotional reactions are not helpful in life situations, I want my kids to be compassionate and sensitive to others.  Whether it’s their best friend or a stranger on the street, I want them to have compassion for people and the ability to show it appropriately.

The third thing:

I want my kids to laugh!  I love, love, LOVE to laugh and be silly.  I often see “grown-ups” who feel that as an adult, you can no longer be silly and just laugh.  NOT TRUE! Who started that thought?  Probably someone who confused being mature with being boring.  I think that the laughter of children is the closest thing to heaven on earth.   I want my kids to always laugh.  Laugh till their bellies hurt and their sides ache.  They deserve happiness and I hope that they will grow to have the ability to see the humor in everything.