28 oz. Organic Seven Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks BarrelI love to find good deals on organic food.  I haven’t always bought organic food for two reasons:

1.) Price: Organic foods used to cost a lot more than non-organic foods

2.) Availability:  Most groceries stores in our area did not carry much in the way of organic foods except for some bags of lettuce or bananas.

Now, many major brands have finally seen the light and are adding organic food products to their food lines for reasonable prices. 

Due to this upsurge of organic products, I am looking more than ever to find nutritional organic food products for my kids at inexpensive prices.  I found a great deal at a local Warehouse store in our area.  Utz Organic Pretzels.  They are a snack that my kids love (most kids love pretzels) and I love them too.  My husband said that he prefers the taste of these pretzels over the usual fare.  Just watch out, they are addicting 🙂

 Product description:  Organic Seven Whole Grain Pretzel Sticks

“Our Seven Whole Grain Organic Pretzel Sticks contains 16 grams of whole grains per 1 oz. serving. Just three servings will provide 100% of the total daily whole grains recommended by the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This product contains 220mg of Omega-3 ALA per serving, which is 17% of the Daily Value for ALA. The sodium content of this product has been reduced by about 50% from our regular pretzel line.”

Basic Ingredients:  Organic wheat flour, salt, organic expeller pressed high oleic sunflower oil, organic maltodextrin, buttermilk, yeast, citric acid, lactic acid, organic natural flavor, vinegar, soda. Contains no hydrogenated fats.

Price: $6.99 for 28 oz barrel (Cheaper at Warehouse prices)


Look, Mom, Look’s Rating: (out of 5 Yums)

Taste: 5 Yums

Cost: 4 Yums

Kid Friendliness: 5 Yums