I went to a local craft store this past week with all 3 of my lovely children.  Zack the 3 1/2 year old was great.  He usually follows direction and tends to be the one to obey (if any of them do).  Anson my 2 year old is really active and was in rare form this day.  Gretchen (Gret) our 4 month old was chillin’ in her carseat as usual. 

Well, this particular store has very small carts, so the 2 boys had to walk.  I had Gret in my Hotsling.  I knew that this trip was going to be risky but I had no other choice.  I had to get a few things for a mom’s group dinner I was going to the next day.  We first traveled to the ribbon department.  All was going fine, the kids were following me and my instructions all too well.  Yes, all too well. 

Anson decided that the ribbon was “pritty” and with no warning grabbed 3 large spools.  He takes off running down the aisle and unspooling the ribbon as he goes.  His laughing and my screaming can be heard through out the store.  Zack’s attempts to discipline his brother by yelling “No, Anson!  Get back here!” were also echoing from all corners of the store.  I chase Anson down 1, then 2 aisles.  I am gaining on him, but he is fast for a 2 year old.  Let’s hope there are some athletic scholarships in his future.  No, on second thought, after this day I just hope he doesn’t end up in jail.

We keep circling the display of ribbons, Anson laughing and me yelling.  He continues to grab, unwind and drop spool after spool.  Then I hear “Security to Frames, Security to Frames” on the overhead intercom.  I am running my third marathon in the store when I realize, “hey, I’m in frames.  There’s nothing going on here.  Who needs security?”  Two minutes later, I realize that the store security is for me.  I guess they don’t like ribbon strewn across the store. 

I manage to finally catch my child and go to check out.  Here’s the thing, the young high school age cashier must not have noticed the sweat and embarrassment dripping across my face because she proceeded to say the strangest thing.  “This roll of ribbon does not have a price tag on it.  Could one of your kids go get another one?”

Was she serious??  An insane sounding laugh escapes my lips.  I respond, “Why don’t YOU watch MY kids and I will go get a new roll?”  I don’t give her a chance to answer.  I leave my 3 children in line at the check out as I jog across the store.  I return momentarily.  Anson has destroyed all of their example projects on display by the check-out.  The ignorant young cashier’s mouth hangs open.  “What’s the deal?  Can’t you make my children behave for one minute while I do your job?” The other “moms” in the line behind me are laughing in delight.  There’s no real answer from this girl.  It’s my own private silly victory.   I smile as security watches us leave.